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SUP Fishing

SUP fishing continues to grow by leaps and bounds and men are not the only ones excelling at the sport!

There is a certain kind of challenge paddling your way to the perfect fishing spot then positioning yourself for the perfect cast from your SUP. The moment you realize you are hooked and your heart begins to race and you scramble to make sure your feet are firmly balanced to not only fight but land your fish.

Cory Redwine of All Water Adventures ( takes SUP fishing charters daily to do just this very thing. She teaches her clients the ends and outs of paddle boarding and then teaches them how to position themselves to cast and land fish from their boards.

“I love to see my SUP anglers accomplish their fishing goals, fishing can be difficult from land sometimes, let alone from a floating paddle board!” says Cory. When everything comes together catching a fish of any size off a stand up paddle board is an accomplishment.

Recently All Water Adventures added the Patent Pending PaddleFish™ to their daily charters, the results have been outstanding. Having a place to sit and rig, a cooler to put fish, rod holders and many other useful items has been a blessing to her and her charters. The PaddleFish™ is light, durable and easy to clean. The seat attaches to your paddle board in minutes and easy to remove when you are ready to race your board or go surfing. It adds a whole new dimension to the traditional paddle boarding not to mention what it adds to SUP paddle board fishing.

If find yourself in Florida and looking to challenge yourself on the water then look Cory Redwine up for an All Water Adventure you won’t soon forget!

All Water Adventures


Check out some of their recent SUP fishing photos.

girls SUP fishing

These girls work a mangrove shoreline for snook and redfish on their SUP PaddleFish set ups.

paddle SUP fishing

Mom and son soak baits on their SUPs under a Florida shoreline.

paddle fish sup

Captain Alex one of Cory’s guides shows off the BOTE fishing fleet with SUP Paddle fish ready for action.

sup paddlefish

A nice redfish caught on a BOTE Lowrider with Captain Alex on a BOTE Ahab. Add a couple SUP paddlefish and you have the ultimate SUP paddle boarding set up!

fishing sup

Paddle board fishing success, Cory shows off a small but rewarding redfish she caught on her BOTE fishing SUP setup.

SUP paddle fishing resfish

A redfish gets a quick photo and returned to the water. Cory loves catching fish from her SUP paddle board.

black drum SUP fishing

Cory returns home with the groceries on her BOTE SUP fishing setup. The PaddleFish is the ultimate SUP seat.

Tammy Jo’s Idaho Chinook

Clearwater River Orofino, Idaho Spring Chinook

Tammy Jo landed this hefty Spring Chinook on the Clearwater River in Orofino, Idaho.

Big Red Fishing with Kristine

Kristine G. sent us this pic of herself with an impressive Red Drum. Way to go!

Girl with Shark

Tina with a cute little Bonnet head shark from South Carolina. Hold on to that little fella Tina!


Bonnet head shark

Bonnet head shark

Black bikini and nice snook

Another great fishing picture from sam

Nice black bikini and a nice snook.


Girl in Black Bikini holding her snook

Girl in Black Bikini holding her snook

Tina with a nice Redfish

Fishing girl Tina with a nice South Carolina Redfish.


Girl with Redfish

Girl with Redfish

Girl with a Spanish Mackeral

Our latest submission is from photographer Sam at Looks like a perfect day on the water.


Spanish Mackeral

Spanish Mackeral

Fishing girl with IRL Black Drum

Fishing girl Tina with a nice black drum she caught while fishing the Indian River, Florida. 


Tina with a nice black drum

Tina with a nice black drum

Bikini girl with nice redfish

Fishing chick Tina from South Carolina with an awesome redfish she caught fishing with live bait on the jetties.


Tina in a Bikini with a big redfish

Tina in a Bikini with a big redfish

Girl with giant redfish

This was the first big guy of the season. 

girl with big redfish

girl with big redfish

Captain Rick Hiotts Inshore Fishing Charters 

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