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Chicks fishing, BD Outdoors

BD got a chance to chat with Tabby Abbassi from Jacksonville, Florida. Get to know this months BD outdoors fishing chick by clicking the picture.

fishing chick

Bermuda Fishing Chicks

Bermuda fishing charter captain posted some great pics of fishing chicks on their new website, and we thought they’d be a great addition to fishing chicks. So check out these bermuda big game fishing chicks!

Dolphin fishing in Panama Pinas Bay

Great stories and pictures keep coming to us from Tropic Star Lodge out of Pinas Bay, Panama. Here’s another great dolphin catch from this season. The Tropic Star Lodge has some great fishing deals going on check out their website for more pictures and sign up to win a free trip!

Tropic Star Lodge Website

bikini girl in panama pinas bay

Tropic Star Lodge catch of the day!

Panama Pinas bay fishing girls

At Tropic Star Lodge in Panama’s Pinas Bay the girls rule! Check out these fantastic dolphin (mahi mahi, dorado) catches by these ladies. Isn’t it time for a vacation! We also just found out you can register to win a free fishing trip to Panama! Just click the link below and register.  Good luck and hopefully you win and send us yours or your significant others picture.


women with big fish

Another big dolphin in Panama.

Girl with big fish in panama

Another big Dolphin at Tropic Star Lodge

Panama fishing and lodge

Bikini girl with big Louisiana redfish

Kim with a very nice Louisiana redfish she caught with her husband Captain Byron Hennecy. Together they fish all over and catch a plenty of quality fish. check this out Fishing Adventures

Huge Louisiana redfish

Huge Louisiana redfish

If you are thinking about going fishing in Louisiana here is a cool site with lots of LA fishing information and reports  Fish Louisiana Website

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